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One of the best free curriculum I've come across is this one from Portland State University:


EV3 Lessons from Droid Robotics (incredible!):


Free Udemy EV3 Course:


Stemcentric EV tutorial videos:


WAFFLES Robotics Videos:


FLL Starting a Team Resources


Start a team -


Lightweight STOW and GO table:


Coaching Resources


FIRST has a wonderful set of rich resources here:


Maureen Reilly, an FLL coach in NYC, put together this presentation about coaching an FLL team; the game will change, but the concepts will not:


She also has this website:


Lego Digital Designer:




Lego WeDo 2.0 :

This program has been designed by a team of Engineers at Sysnet Consulting with the objective to provide a clear set of instructions in the implementation of Rocketry and Robotics related technologies for youth.

Since robotics had become a very fashionable area of expertise there are many individuals, companies and organizations that have jump into this idea without the level of understanding and expertise required to keep young participants engaged.

Our model as many of the programs here uses the HECKT Methoddeveloped as a way to replicate knowledge consistently.


In order to developed a comprehensive program the following elements need to be incorporated.

- Efficient knowledge in Mathematics.

- Basic Principles of Physics and Science

- Spatial comprehension

- Critical Thinking

- Patience and practice

The core elements of the program include:
Basic concepts of Physics.
Building with Lego or any other building modules

Basic concepts in math for young children - Times tables, fractions (Refer to Math Thinker program)

Botball Robotics
In Orbit 

You hired by Gloria planet inhabitants for control the space exploration of their solar system, about which currently nothing is known

Gravitee Warz
Orbit 2