Engineering & Architecture 

Engineering is a world of thinking critically and solving all sorts of problems, and one of their most important tools is their own creativity. It is very important to understand that on any field or carrer  having an engineering mind or thinking critically helps you to figure out solutions much better than when you have nt been exposed to this type of process.


Independently of what field you may be interested, been able to have a diverse knowledge and an inquisitive mind will help to have a deeper understanding of the issues you need to resolve and a greater capacity to develop ideas, solutions or realted thoughts to your needs.


Engineering has been called “design under constraint.” Engineers are required to create elegant solutions while working within various limitations, such as the laws of Nature, the desires of consumers, or local statutes. Every potential answer an engineer devises for a problem must be weighed against the realities of the physical world and other concerns such as public safety, a client’s requirements, regulations, available materials, and a finite budget. It takes creativity to get successfully from problem to solution, all while navigating a tangle of constraints. 


There is never just one way to solve an engineering design challenge; there is no single, “right” answer to a problem. Engineers must accept a degree of uncertainty regarding a solution's endpoint, and creativity helps here, too. Engineering requires a sense of vision that goes beyond constraints to “see” a solution that others might miss or dismiss as farfetched.


Some key elements to creativity is drawing.


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