Media Literacy &Technology


The goal of the Media Center is to implement a STEAM oriented Curriculum aiming to empower students with all they need to gain a foundational understanding of STEAM principles and practice. We are committed to providing information, guidance, and direction on how to introduce students to the 21st-century skills that are inherent in STEAM teaching and learning.


Students will acquire and develop skills to implement STEAM projects, including; techniques to foster innovation, engineering design, creativity, critical-thinking, and problem-solving. This curriculum designed to build the required knowledge and skills, it incorporates elements of free interactive media and popular games and apps to engage and motivate students with meaningful instruction, practice, review, and assessment.


Students will not only learn how to focus on the STEM content, but also on the STEM principles of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation. For the most part, this curriculum is self-paced, students learn at their own speed, and multiple entry points allow them to choose the learning path that best meets their individual needs.


Students participate in a rich and rigorous learning experience using a variety of multimedia resources such as Video instruction, Classroom demonstrations, using tutorials, video coaching, discussion and collaboration with peers, and a whole variety of Interactive activities, among others.

Joe Melendez visit

Joe Melendez, CS Education Manhattan Manager, CS4ALL, Division of Teaching and Learning, New York City Department of Education. May 25th, 2017.